Features to look for when buying a foot spa massager

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We are so busy in our hectic schedule we hardly have any time to get free time. We need time to time break so that we will feel refreshed so that we can again continue with our work. Getting a foot massage is the best way to get relaxed. Now you need not to go to salon to get a foot massage spa. With a foot spa massager machine you can get the relaxation at the comfort of your home. These machines have different features which you have to look into before buying one:

 foot spa massager

  1. Heat function: You should have a foot massager that has heat function button to control temperature in order to give you better relaxation. You can adjust the temperature so as to keep the water heated up as per requirement.
  2. Massage rollers: Massage rollers installed in the foot spa massager machine give smoother and gentle massage to your foot. If you are looking for good effect on soles then you should look for rollers in the machine so that you can move your feet forward and backward.
  3. Size: this is the most important factor to look when buying a machine for your home. IT should fit your feet size. So may have unusual size so getting on for your size can be quite a tough job. But you can search online and select the size accordingly.
  4. Drain holes: This may not be an important feature for some. BUT before buying one, you should see how it empties the water. If you have drain valves it will be easy for the water to flush out easily.

You will find lot of options satisfying your need so just check these basic features when making your choice. Though you may not get all the features in one but you can decide what you really want.

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