Master Health Checkup Packages in Bangalore: Simply the Best Health Package in the City

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As the saying goes, health is wealth- a proper health is one of the most important possessions in today’s world. An individual should be healthy in both, mental as well as physical aspects. A healthy individual prospers in every aspect of his life and therefore health is one thing we should take proper care of and have a routine checkup at regular intervals.

This routine checkup and maintenance of our health is made possible by the various master health checkup packages in Bangalore provided by the numerous medical diagnostic centers, which checks up the entire body from head to toe and gives proper information about any disorder in the body.

Master Health Checkup Packages in Bangalore:

There are various master health checkup packages available to an individual. He or she can choose from a wide variety of health packages and judge, which is best, suited for him or her.

master health checkup packages in bangalore

These can be mainly divided into three types – Basic Health Checkup, Executive Health Checkup and Master Health Checkup Package.

The Master Health Checkup performed at various institutions check the Complete Blood Cell Count and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate as Hematological test.

The other checks and tests done as a part of this package are:

  • The Fasting Blood Sugar and P.P. Blood Sugar to estimate the glucose levels of blood.
  • Urea, uric acid and creatine levels of blood followed by estimations of kidney and lipid profile.
  • It checks for LDL, HDL and VLDL cholesterol followed by thyroid and various liver function tests.
  • Bilirubin, protein levels and alkaline phosphate level of blood followed by chest x-ray, ECG, ultrasonography of abdomen and pelvis, and finally consultation with the various physicians related to the tests.
  • The Master Health Checkup Packages are available at various medical centres in Bangalore like the Apollo Hospital, Sakra World Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Ramakrishna Hospital, Kanva Diagnostic, Magnus Diagnostic, Isha Diagnostic Centre to name a few.

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