Why to wear tree of life jewelry?

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Tree of life is of utmost religious and spiritual importance and hence the liking of it has grown tremendously as a fashion ornament like tree of life necklace, bracelet, etc.

A representation of family connection – A tree of life symbolizes the generations of family; a tree sprouts from a seed, then grows into the branches out and then creates a fruit that gives life to the next group. This symbolizes family through its network of branches

A representation of rebirth – During fall season, many trees drop the leaves and getsinto new a phase when spring comes.Then the tree leaves grow the tiny buds that bursts into thelovely blooms and tiny leaves starts to grow again. Similarly, the tree of life represents the start of a new life, good health, positive energy and a great future.

tree of life necklace

A representation of connection – The tree roots reach inside the soil and accepts nutrition from, Earth as a mother. Branches and leaves spread towards the sky and sun as a Father.

A representation of immortality – Though a tree gets old, it allows the seeds to grow which contain its spirit. This way, tree gets immortal by giving re-birth to itself.

A representation of own growth – It is related to wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, awareness and insight within one’s self. It is a symbolic representation to find knowledge and awareness in life.

A representation of strength and development – A new tree begins with low roots that fortify itself and then grows deep inside over the time. Whereas, branches grow towards the sky while they started as a small bud and tries to reach towards the sun.Similarly, every person first grows stronger from time to time and then tries to getnew lessons and excessive knowledge in the life time.

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