Why You Need Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Cheats?

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Each and every Star Wars fan on this planet was filled with excitement when the launch of a new game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was announced. Thankfully, the game didn’t disappoint. It is a classic fight game where you need to select a character to play with and then enter into battles controlling that character. Characters take their origin from Star Wars universe and hence you have the opportunity to enter into thrilling battles with your favorite Star Wars characters. One major problem that this game throws up is the ridiculous difficulty of acquiring in-game resources. But you need not worry anymore as Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats is here to rescue.

star wars galaxy of heroes cheats


The major theme of this amazing game is classic character fights. When you start playing you will be offered two basic characters as rewards. When you win fights with these characters you are rewarded crystals and credits. Crystals are also rewarded upon completing quests. With help of these crystals, you can buy new characters of your choice or upgrade abilities of existing characters. Unfortunately, amount of rewarded crystals is far too less compared to the amount of time spent acquiring it.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats

If you lead a busy work life, you will hardly find time to spend playing the game. Thus your progress will be very slow and you will soon get bored of playing with same old characters. One way of acquiring crystals quickly is through purchase with real money. But if you do not wish to do that then the next best alternative is Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. With help of these cheats, you can gain unlimited number of crystals which will help you acquire all your favorite characters and make swift progress in the game despite your busy schedule.

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