Dos and Don’ts of a detox diet

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With our busy schedule we hardly keep track of what we are having, thus ending in snacking up junks or consuming drinks which are accumulating toxins in our body. All these harm can be reversed back in case of following any detox plan mentioned at dietagem. They help in proper functioning of your body and removing any kind of toxins. This small change in your diet can bring up a major healthy change in your body. Detox diet is the best way to flush out those accumulated toxins from your body. It helps in rejuvenating, renewing or recharging your body. There are several ways of detoxifying that you can find at dietagem.  If you are strictly following detoxifying diet, here are some of the dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while dieting:



  1. You cannot go for a detox diet all the days of the weak. Though it cleanses your body it also makes you feel tired. So have a detox diet once a week.
  2. Instead of going for fruit juice, it’s better to consume whole fruits. You can have a fruits detox day where you can limit your food to fruits only.
  3. Try including veggies in your diet. Green leafy vegetables are the best option. You can go for stir ones as well as boiled vegetables.
  4. Try reducing your carb intakes. You can switch to fibers in place of cereals. Fibers make you feel full.
  5. Include more of proteins.


  1. No caffeinated drinks. You can go for detox drinks like green tea during your detox phase but limit any kind of caffeine.
  2. Don’t eat any kind of processed food or sugar. You should have fresh food on the diet day. Including proteins will make you feel full.


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