Art and entertainment creating landmark in global business

Art and entertainment creating landmark in global business

Art and entertainment are two different types of material but people like both of their taste. Fluffy entertainment provides a great appeal but requires no brain, but there should be some in-depth knowledge to understand art. Whatever it is both of it helps us and provides a lot of pleasure. The essential difference is that whole art include museums,  poems, paintings whereas entertainment includes serials, circus movies, etc.


How they are benefitted from business

The invention of TV computers mobiles have raised the net income of the industries to a great extent, nowadays art and entertainment have become a business related topic to many industrious people; they try to invest their money for their own benefits of their company or to promote any other event. In the case of art, people can sell their paintings and other innovative artistic items through online retail.

Economic growth of art and entertainment

The organization of international art fairs has increased considerably in the past decade it jumped from 10 to 70; these international fares help the artist sell the work of them, and in the past few years the art things were bought online and at fairs by the people. Sale through galleries as well as fairs has been increasing at a rapid rate; in 2014 the art industry recorded a turn over f 51 billion euro.


Economic growth of entertainment

In entertainment both the private and foreign media have helped in the improvement of the industries to a great extent; the global entertainment market is growing at a galloping rate of 15 % every year. Television is a major entertainment media that attract huge people as it offers different programs to different people. Other than television there are several other sources of entertainment like film, radio and print industries also attract huge people.

With this rapid modernization of art and entertainment both the medium of amusement is nowadays growing at a rapid speed.


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